Do you operate within agriculture? Are you planning to develop traditional agricultural land into residential properties or commercial premises?


Portrett Ole Edward Hagen

Ole Edward Hagen

Partner / lawyer with Supreme Court qualification

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Agriculture is subject to a multitude of laws, regulations and circulars. This is the case whether the agricultural land will be used for traditional agricultural operations or developed for residential properties or commercial premises.

Our lawyers are intimately familiar with the industry and the industry players. Industry knowledge has been developed through providing legal assistance to and practical experience of the agricultural industry. As the largest law firm in Romerike, Økland has been monitoring developments in Romerike and the Gardermoen region very closely. In addition to ordinary knowledge of the industry, our lawyers also have extensive experience linked to the development of agricultural land, i.e. change of use from agricultural to development.

We can assist within the following areas, amongst others:

  • Development agreements between landowners and developers
  • Licensing and public regulation of agricultural property
  • Allodial entitlements, including the transfer of allodial property and redemption of allodial land
  • Expropriation
  • Use of agricultural property (pursuant to e.g. the Agriculture Act, the Forestry Act and the Water Resource Act)
  • Law relating to the rights of neighbours, boundaries and access rights
  • Sale of land
  • Ground lease
  • Land rent
  • Law of the commons
  • Contractual law, machine collaborations and cooperatives
  • Dispute resolution