Inheritance and administration and division of an estate

Do you want to arrange the advancement of inheritance, write a will or execute a succession in a business? Do you need assistance in connection with an inheritance settlement?


Portrett Gjermund Pekeberg

Gjermund Pekeberg

Senior Lawyer / lawyer with Supreme Court qualification

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Portrett Jostein Nordbø

Jostein Nordbø

Partner / Chairman of the board

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Portrett Ole Edward Hagen

Ole Edward Hagen

Partner / lawyer with Supreme Court qualification

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Each year, approximately 20,000 people in Norway receive inheritance or gifts equivalent to inheritance. Assets transferred in this way amount to approximately NOK 14 billion each year. Often, the distribution of inheritance results in disagreement between beneficiaries. The rules for the distribution of inheritance are therefore extremely important.

Inheritance and inheritance law issues affect most of us. This field encompasses everything from wills, change of ownership, inheritance tax, advancement of inheritance and inheritance covenants to dispute resolution in connection with inheritance settlements. Inheritance often also involves assets of large value.

The Inheritance Act stipulates rules on how inheritance must be distributed but it is often necessary to find solutions that are better adapted for individual needs. This is typically the case in connection with succession in a family business. Similar issues may arise when the family cabin is going through a change of ownership. Most frequently, successful succession is the result of good planning wherein several intersecting interests must be safeguarded.

We assist in all issues relating to inheritance law. Our lawyers are used as permanent estate executors in connection with public administration and distribution of estates. We have extensive litigation experience with issues relating to inheritance law.

Our services include assistance in connection with:

  • Inheritance planning and succession
  • Gifts and advancement of inheritance
  • Wills and inheritance covenants
  • Agreed changes
  • Tax issues associated with change of ownership
  • Post-dated authorisations
  • Implementation of inheritance settlement in the event of private administration and distribution of an estate
  • Dispute resolution