Public procurement

Are you a supplier to the public sector or a public authority looking to procure goods or services?

The Procurement Regulations govern virtually all procurements within the public sector. The regulations are complex and it is easy to make mistakes, both for the contracting authority and the tenderers.

As the consequences of even minor errors can be very extensive, it is crucial to be in control of all aspects of the procurement process, whether you are a supplier or a buyer. Our experience shows that it can be useful to involve a lawyer at an early stage of the procurement process and not wait until disputes arise. This can reduce the need for extensive appeals processes and even legal proceedings. Our lawyers are therefore able to assist in every step of the process:

  • Preparation of procurement documents (on behalf of the contracting authority)
  • Clarification of uncertainties in the procurement documents before the tender submission deadline, “Questions and answers” processes from the contracting authorities
  • Preparation and submission of tenders
  • Negotiations
  • Appeal processes (both to contracting authority and to the Norwegian Appeals Board for Public Procurements, KOFA)
  • Filing of temporary injunctions, action for damages, etc. to the courts
  • Reviews of internal procedures, internal courses, etc.

We may assist within all industries, both those covered by the general Procurement Regulation and those covered by the more specific rules applicable to entities operating in the water, energy, transport and postal services sectors, as well as concession contracts.