Public administration

Are you wondering whether you are entitled to a public benefit, do you need to apply for a building permit or do you need to appeal a decision?

A lot of decisions are made by the state, local authority (municipality) and regional authority (county). You will often be faced with a complicated and inaccessible regulatory framework if you are entitled to a public benefit, if you need to apply for permission to build something or you need to appeal a decision.

We assist businesses and private individuals in dealings with the public sector. Applications and appeals are more likely to be successful if they have been prepared with legal assistance so that public sector case officers get the best possible guidance for making proper and correct decisions.

We may assist with:

  • Area development plans
  • Appraisal and expropriation
  • Land consolidation
  • Judicial registration
  • Construction matters
  • Property taxes
  • Subsidies and support schemes
  • Grants and permits
  • Welfare law and social benefits
  • Access to information
  • Appeals and reversals
  • Compensation claims