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Are you a provider of space launch services or an operator of a satellite?


Portrett Ishak Skjæraasen Khan

Ishak Skjæraasen Khan


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Portrett Audun Ludvig Bollerud

Audun Ludvig Bollerud

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Launching objects into space requires permission according to the Norwegian Space Act of 1969. In addition, space related activity can require compliance with regulation related to export restrictions, usage of radiofrequencies, environmental impact assessment, pollution hazards, handling of fire and explosion hazardous materials, and more.

Our lawyers closely monitor the latest developments within the space sector, both in the space industry and within Space Law regulations. Our goal is to be the foremost provider of legal services within Space Law to companies and institutions planning to launch from Norway.

Norway is currently in the process of preparing a new Space Act. The new Norwegian Space Act will mean an increased regulation of space related activity and require more compliance from companies that provide launch services or satellite operations. Launching objects into space involves large investments in both time and money, and it is important to have early access to legal advice related to Norwegian regulations.

Our lawyers can provide assistance in connection with:

  • Permission for space related activity, including launch services and satellite operations.
  • Permissions and compliance according to all necessary regulations (i.e. permissions for the use of radio frequencies, export restrictions, registration of space objects, handling of hazardous materials, and more)
  • Supervision by national regulatory authorities
  • Contractual negotiations
  • Site development and developmental agreements
  • Employment law for foreign workers
  • Liabilities and damages
  • Insurance
  • Dispute resolution