Competition law

Does your business have adequate knowledge of the Competition Act’s prohibition on anti-competitive cooperation and abuse of a dominant position? Is your business planning to buy a competing business?

All Norwegian businesses must comply with both Norwegian and EU/EEA competition regulations. These regulations have a broad reach, ranging from prohibitions on anti-competitive agreements/collusion and prohibitions on the abuse of dominant positions to the merger regulations, covering competition law approval of acquisitions, mergers, etc.

Our lawyers have experience from the Norwegian Competition Authority and therefore also have solid knowledge of how the authority works, as well as the assessments that are carried out. Our lawyers assist with all aspects of competition law, including:

  • Assessment of supplier agreements, distribution agreements, exclusivity agreements, collaboration agreements, etc.
  • Guidance to dominant enterprises with regard to the boundaries applicable to their market behaviour.
  • Obtaining approvals from the Norwegian Competition Authority in connection with mergers, acquisitions, etc.
  • Temporary injunctions, disputes before the courts, etc.
  • Preparation and review of internal procedures, compliance programmes, internal courses, etc.

Our lawyers also assist with issues relating to marketing law, such as:

  • Assistance in connection with complaints concerning marketing practices
  • Assistance in connection with improper imitation of products