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Portrett Audun Ludvig Bollerud

Audun Ludvig Bollerud

Partner / Managing Partner

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Portrett Catherine Sandvig

Catherine Sandvig


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Portrett Thomas Smedal

Thomas Smedal


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Thoroughly considered contracts and proper legal advice are essential to succeeding in construction and civil engineering projects.

Our lawyers are intimately familiar with the industry and possess broad experience of large and small projects alike. We regularly assist both contractors and developers at all stages of construction projects, including with:

  • Advice on and selection of contract models, including tendering
  • Assessment of quotations
  • Contract negotiations
  • Ongoing assistance with construction projects, change management, etc.
  • Final assessment
  • Disputes before the ordinary courts and the courts of arbitration
  • Negotiations associated with all aspects of the process

Our lawyers are highly familiar with relevant standard contracts and associated non-statutory contract law. Extensive experience of disputes enables us to assist in avoiding conflicts. This is particularly true when we are involved in the project at an early stage and are able to influence the contract design and the distribution of roles between the parties.

Our lawyers also possess solid knowledge of the requirements that apply in connection with public sector projects, including both public regulations and tendering regulations.