Taxes and duties

Do you or your business need help with issues relating to corporation tax, value-added tax, personal tax, stamp duty or other tax-related issues?

Issues relating to taxes and duties include corporation tax, value-added tax, personal tax, stamp duty, etc.

Our lawyers have broad expertise in all aspects of issues relating to taxes and duties. We can assist with issues relating to assessments, taxation on the sale of residential property, right to deduct expenses for losses on receivables, forwarding losses, corporate taxation, taxes on private use and withdrawals from business, taxes on dividends, etc. We have prepared several earn out models and share programmes in which tax is an important consideration. This also applies to mergers, demergers and restructuring. A key focus area is succession and taxes.

We provide courses and seminars within the entire field of tax law and can also boast broad experience of assessment appeals and litigation within the field of taxation.

Our services include:

  • Strategic advice concerning taxes and duties
  • National and international personal and corporate taxation
  • Internal pricing
  • Advice and Due Diligence in connection with M&A, restructuring and refinancing of businesses
  • Help with accounting issues in connection with transactions
  • Incentive schemes for employees
  • Succession
  • Value-added tax
  • Customs and excise duties
  • Tax audits and appeals
  • Applications for binding prior statements (BPS)
  • Litigation before the courts
  • Special tax matters relating to real estate, such as tax-free rental, development projects and syndication, sale of agricultural land and tax-free sale of residential property.